What We Offer

Take a look at just some of the unique opportunities that we offer at Kingswood Trust:

  • Safe residential facilities for young people.
  • Qualified and experienced staff led by the Head Teacher.
  • A real context for schools that complements their drive to raise standards of attainment and levels of achievement.
  • Opportunities for developing young peoples’ personal, social, emotional development and disposition to learn.
  • Secure learning environments, in which young people can manage challenge and risk for themselves, ensuring that our children and young people are healthy and safe.
  • Opportunities for problem solving, reasoning and widening their knowledge and understanding of the world.
  • Carefully planned activities/experiences created in conjunction with schools and settings.
  • Opportunities to engage learners of all ages in adventurous and environmental learning.
  • A dynamic contribution to the Every Child Matters agenda in Wolverhampton – in particular, staying safe, being healthy, enjoying and achieving, achieving economic well-being and making a positive contribution.
  • High quality training and professional development opportunities for educators.
  • Ways of engaging parents, carers and the wider community in learning outside the classroom.