Our Supporters

We have a number of wonderful supporters:

James Beattie Charitable Trust
Heathcock Charitable Trust
Lynn Foundation
William A Cadbury
Wolverhampton Rotary Club
Lillie C. Johnson Charitable Trust
W. E. Dunn Charitable Trust
Ernest Cook Charitable Trust
Sheldon Trust
Michael Marsh Charitable Trust
Johnnie Johnson Trust
Richard Cadbury Charitable Trust
Baron Davenport’s Charity
Edward Cadbury Trust
Ratcliffe Foundation
Green Britain Foundation
Russell & Mary Foreman Foundation
Gardening for the Disabled Trust
Grey Court Trust
Telus Communications
Friends of Kingswood Trust
Wolverhampton St. George’s Rotary Club
Wolverhampton Schools Improvement Partnership
The Albert Hunt Trust




These can also be found on page 22 of our social accounts.