Forest Schools

The trees and leaf litter are excellent places for hiding, mini beast hunting, playing games, building nests, shelters and dens.
Children construct and work creatively with natural materials. They learn how to use simple tools safely and enjoy making their own collections of nature’s treasures.
Welcome to Forest School.

The children, accompanied by familiar adults, quickly gain a sense of place and learn about safe boundaries and simple routines. Children experience the woodland with adults in the background to support and interact only where needed.

The children direct their own learning, following their own enthusiasms and interests. They engage in sustained, focused play whilst the practitioners gain much from their observations.

Over the weeks, the children grow in confidence. They play outside in all kinds of weather, observe the changing seasons and woodland flora. The natural spaces provide a multitude of fixed and transient resources which capture attention and take their learning in many different directions.

At Forest School our practice is based on three key principles:

  • We capitalise on the outdoors as a real context for learning.
  • We utilise the woodland/outdoor environment as a rich source of natural materials and resources for learning.
  • We build upon the way young children learn — active, first hand experiences using all their senses — investigative and exploratory learning that builds upon their natural curiosity.
circle_tree Woodlander Sessions

Children from the age of three interact with nature through our Kingswood Forest School Experience with a strong emphasis on enjoying and achieving. The programme aims at developing increased confidence, independence and raised self esteem. The Woodlander sessions offer children and adults regular opportunities to visit the woodland, usually once a week over a six week period.

circle_base_campBase Camp

Our ‘Forest School Base Camp’ has the facility for building fires and the fire pit is designed for children to learn about safety whilst benefiting from the warmth of the fire in winter and the pleasure of toasting and eating marshmallows, crab apples and other tasty goodies.


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